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flacker-3 challenge

Do you want to lose weight, feel fabulous, radiant and have more energy? Are you tired of being on a "diet"? Then I have the perfect plan for you. It has worked for many of my clients and now I want to share it with you! It is called the flacker-3 challenge.
- 3 easy steps,
- 3 new steps every 3 days
Here's the best part - it really works. Not only will you feel great but you will lose weight, keep your cholesterol low and sugar highs at bay. So what have you got to lose? Take the flacker-3 challenge!

I created the flacker-3 challenge because a couple of months after New Year's my clients were looking for help to re-ignite their resolutions and all their good intentions. They all were feeling the same way, not great! Their New Year's resolutions kind of fell in between the cracks of the couch and it was time to renew their vows of weight loss, fitness and good health.

So . I have a question for you: how are you doing with your new year resolutions? Are you feeling happier, healthier, better than you did in 2010? Did you become kinder, wiser, richer in spirit, happier? Did you achieve your personal body goals like; weight loss, firming, toning? If you have, wow, amazing for you! If not - Oops! No worries! If you are ready now it's never too late to start feeling good about yourself and I am here to help with the flacker-3 challenge.

I have designed this challenge to be simple, effective and guaranteed to work-if you have the discipline to stick to it. Not only is it easy to follow and to maintain but if you stick to the protocol/plan then you will feel fabulous, energized and lighter when the 3 weeks are complete. That's right, all I ask is that you keep to the plan for 3 weeks. You know that no matter what, you can easily do anything for 3 weeks right? ...and if it is working for you keep it up!

Here is how it works...and for the record, this is an all of nothing deal - you must commit to doing this every day for 3 weeks. 3 weeks is all I ask for and then you can reassess. At that point I know you will feel so good that we will be rejoicing in your success.

Challenge yourself to do these simple steps every day over the next three weeks and bring your friends along with you. Know someone who could benefit from this, pay it forward and share the experience. I am here if anyone has any questions or just wants to share.

To your health!

Step 1 - Start Day 1
Continue through Day 21

Step 2 - Start Day 4
Continue through Day 21
Step 3 - Start Day 7
Continue through day 21

Bonus points - try this daily
At the end of every day be grateful for three
things in your day or life experience
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