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Alison Levitt M.D. - Doctor in the Kitchen®

Dr in the Kitchen - Flackers I have always been passionate about eating well and being healthy. I believe that "Good Food is Wise Medicine," and that what you put in your body will affect how you feel, your energy level and your sense of well being. What you eat has an impact on your overall health and longevity. This is why I started Doctor in the Kitchen® to make tasty, super healthy, life enhancing food products for people who want to eat well, feel great and that strive for optimal health & vitality.

One of my favorite natural foods is the flax seed! The nutritionally perfect flax seed should be part of every optimal health and longevity diet. In my practice, I have been prescribing the ingestion of flax seeds for many years. Flax seeds are naturally high in alpha linolenic acid, a heart healthy omega-3 fatty acid. They are packed with fiber, which helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels and promote optimal digestion. They are a rich source of plant lignans - a type of naturally occurring phytonutrient. Also, these powerhouse seeds are gluten free, so they are great for people with gluten sensitivities and/or celiac's disease. In addition, they are filled with antioxidants, protein and many vitamins and minerals. These delicious flax seed crackers are gluten free, they do not contain any yeast, or rice and they are also sugar-free!

flackers® are a health giving, wonderful tasting flax seed cracker. These flax seed crackers are made with just flax seeds, herbs and flavoring! The seeds are first sprouted to increase the bioavailability of vitamins and nutrients then they are dehydrated at very low temperatures to preserve all of the essential nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids.

Originally I developed flackers® for myself and my clients as a delicious, crunchy snack, low in carbohydrates, and high in omega-3 fatty acids. Flackers® make it easy to get your daily dose of these amazing nutritionally powerful flax seeds in a tasty convenient to eat flax seed cracker.

My clients loved them and now I am bringing them to you! Try flackers® with your favorite dip or spread or enjoy their delicious crunch and flavors all on their own!


Dr. in the Kitchen, Alison Levitt, M.D.


flackers flax crackers

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